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  • Daniel Defense AR-15 DDM4 V7 PRO .223

Daniel Defense AR-15 DDM4 V7 PRO .223

Daniel Defense

The DDM4 V7 PRO AR15 style firearm is for competitors looking to dominate podiums in today’s popular multi-gun matches. Built around our 18 inch Cold Hammer Forged barrel, this platform delivers the speed, controllability, and precision required to engage the most difficult multi-gun stages.

The V7 PRO comes standard with the MFR 15.0 M-LOK rail, which offers incredible weight savings as well as superior cooling, ergonomics, and modularity while maintaining the strength and durability expected from Daniel Defense. An uninterrupted Picatinny rail on top and M-LOK attachment points ensure plenty of real estate for optics and accessories and allow for the maximum sight radius for accurate shooting with rail mounted iron sights. Its muzzle device, the Muzzle Climb Mitigator, redirects propellant gasses through calibrated ports, countering both recoil and muzzle climb.

A Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic 3 Gun Trigger delivers rapid hits on target with its light, short pull and quick reset. Combined with the softened recoil impulse of a rifle-length gas system, this allows for shorter split times, more precise follow-up shots, and reduced fatigue. The independently ambi GRIP-N-RIP Charging Handle accommodates left- and right-handed shooters. This rifle also comes with the ergonomic Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip.


Mounting System: M-LOK
Kaliber: 5,56mm NATO (.223)
Gängning: 1/2×28
Pip längd: 18″ (45,,7cm)
Pip Profil: S2W (Strengt-to-Weight)
Vikt: 3,4kg
Längd: 88,3cm till 96,2cm
Magasin: 5-Skott

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